I have been learning from and working with group and leadership dynamics for over two decades.  Both as founder and collaborator in numerous music groups the persistent question of how to help leaderless groups develop and reach their potential has been on my mind relentlessly.  In 2000, I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis on how to create sustainable group projects, and my Master’s degree in Organization Development culminated in a paper proposing a new model for understanding the underlying energy dynamics of social/technical systems. 

After owning and operating two successful businesses, I shifted my focus to helping others learn how to optimize their business and management operations.  The integrity I bring to my work is the result of a lifetime of striving to understand how to balance and optimize my personal passions, a career that benefits others, and my relationships with friends, family and community.  This learning continues to develop and I am excited to work on each new client engagement and share the insights, skills and tools that I have found to be most helpful along the way.  My clients’ success and improvement is truly the most gratifying result of this work.